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Co-currricular Activities @ The Nandyal Public School

Regular activities are organized by Computer Club, Science Club, Literary and Debate Society, Fine Art’s Association and Interact Club.  Membership and participation is compulsory in any one of the club.  Under the auspices of these Associations frequent competitions are held for all students and certificates of merit are issued on the Annual Day.
Education brings the all round development in a child, we give as many opportunities as possible to every student to participate in a variety of co–curricular and extracurricular  activities.  This will help the child to improve and develop his/her various talents and  aptitudes and also inculcates in him/her the values of co–operation and sportsmanship making him/her a more disciplined and organised individual.  To promote healthy and  competitive spirit among the school children we have inter–house competitions conducted under the guidance of the Principal, PETs and house masters/mistresses.  The school  children are given opportunity to participate in various activities through different houses as given below with their respective colours.
To encourage the spirit of healthy competition and teamwork, students are divided into four houses.  Points are given to the winning house for every event and a rolling shield is given to the house that gains maximum number of points by the end of the year.

    House         Colour               Quality/Nature                             Motto
1.  Kalpana       Blue                  Rhythm of Universe                   Friendship is Eternal
2.  Kalam         Green               Synergy of tradition                    Truth alone triumphs
3.  Pile             Yellow               Paragons of perfection               Wisdom outweighs wealth
4.  Bradman     Red                  Spirits of sanguinity                   Character is destiny
For conducting various competitions, the school is divided into the following four categories.

Category                                              Classes 
Tiny Tots                                              LKG & UKG
Sub – Juniors                                        I – V
Juniors                                                  VI –  VIII
Seniors                                                 IX & X

Hostel @ The Nandyal Public School

Airy dormitories with decent cots and beds are provided, separately for boys and girls. Adequate number of bathrooms and toilets are available with 24 hour running water supply. Hot water is provided in the mornings. Wholesome steam cooked food is served in a spacious and hygienically maintained dining hall. All modern comforts and amenities are provided in the hostel so that students may treat it as a home away from home.

Library @ The Nandyal Public School

The school has a well stocked library, with over 10,000 books apart from magazines and journals [Weeklies, Fortnightlies and Monthlies ].  The library functions from 8:00 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. Students have free access to the library and are encouraged to read at least 20 books in an academic year.  Teachers help in selecting books of the right standard for every student.

Computer Education @ The Nandyal Public School

Making the best use of technological advancement is the key asset of TNPS. Computer Education has become a part of the regular curriculum and the course is structured to make the best use of it.  Computer Education is offered by renowned experts from Informatics Computer Systems, recognized by the Secondary Head Teacher’s Association of Great Britain.  Thirty computers have been installed and the facility is available to students of standard III onwards.

Faculty @ The Nandyal Public School

Our school has a strongly committed team of academic staff who are trained to mould the students as responsible citizens.  All the members of the Teaching Faculty are highly  qualified and experienced and dedicated to the profession of teaching.  All of them are    resident teachers mostly from other states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Karnataka & Other States of India.  Besides meticulously planning and teaching the prescribed syllabi in the allotted time, they also serve as foster parents; take the responsibility for the health. Discipline and  academic progress of about 15 children, providing individual attention to every child.

About The Nandyal Public School

The Nandyal Public School is located in a sprawling ten acre area in the serene out skirts of Nandyal Town.  Since its inception in 1986 the school has steadily endeavoured to meet the challenge of the far reaching goals of modern education.  Sri Parameswara Educational Academy, which has sponsored the school firmly believes that education is the all round development of the personality rather than the mere accumulation of facts.  The school strives to develop the children into well informed and well behaved citizens, well equipped to contribute their knowledge and skills for the progress of our nation as well as to establish a life of order and harmony in the world and hence the motto of the school is “EDUCATION FOR PEACE”.

     The institution is Co-Educational Residential English Medium School in nature, imparting quality education from L.K.G. to XII.  The school has C.B.S.E. stream.  The school is housed in a three – storied building with a spacious arena for games and sports and athletics.  A hygienic swimming pool and a lovely basketball court, add the splendor of the campus.

The Nandyal Public School